The Young Cartographers

by the Papersnares

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You will never walk each lowly street in all the cities of man.

Thanks to Deianna, Taylor, Troy, Tyler, Sonja, and Franklin - I couldn't have done it without you.


released April 30, 2017

All songs written and recorded by the Papersnares.

Toro 700; Sunday March 26, 2017 5:44PM
Rise and Fall; Saturday, April 23, 2016 1:29AM
Tangerine Song; Sunday, March 26, 2017 10:19PM
Fair Day, Meadowglenn; Sunday, July 3, 2016 2:45AM
Flitter, Glimmer, Crimson River: Star Valley Rough Run; Monday, January 16, 2017 3:30AM
Caesar's Song; March 10, 2015 11:25PM



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the Papersnares

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Track Name: Toro 700
I can feel the cyclones churning in the distance.
I can feel the full moon on the rise.
I can sense the shadow loom far above our heads.
I can feel the Earth crumbling as the continents collide.

I can see you standing on the other side of town.

I can feel your fingers pierce the back of my conscience.
I can feel you pry your way inside.
I can hear your empty sentiments ringing in my skull.
I can hear the faint humming of hoverflies.

As dreaded memories breach my rotten palisades,
I see you walking towards me from the glade.

I can see you standing on the other side of town.
Track Name: Rise and Fall
The sun beamed off of your jawline,
shadows cast over your eyes.
You could've chosen effectively any location
and yet you were by my side.

My weary feet kept punching the Tarmac.
I withheld my eyes from you.
I breathed in the morning Arcadia air.
The snow owls flew.

I stood, sick and weary, staring bitterly at my crystal ball.
It rolls the same footage for past, future, and present.
I faintly tasted saline and leaned my head against the wall.
The wind blew gently through the buckwheat fields; the breeze was so pleasant.
The snow owls flew,
oh, the snow owls flew.
Track Name: Tangerine Song
I was dreaming of the Maldives on a Sunday afternoon
when you came around at last.
I charged out the doorway and down to the street
and wrapped you up in my arms so fast.
You had a bag of tangerines under one arm
and a handful of days old mail.
I poured two cups of kombucha and we sat in the grass;
strength had filled eyes once so frail.

We took to the station, got a train bound for Sendai,
and watched the Japanese wildflowers bloom.
We dropped some coins in the pail of a street orchestra
and danced to the rich flutes and bassoons.
Breaking free from cities, drifting through hills,
I took you to the mountain where we'd first seen ghosts.
We scaled the tallest summits and planted seeds at every peak,
crossed chasms by way of bridges of rope.
Track Name: Fair Day, Meadowglenn
I disembarked the twelve seater jet
with my hat pulled low over my head
and made my way uptown.

You told me you would be waiting at the coffee and provisions shop
with Stella and a cop.
You were nowhere around.
I didn't come this far to be lied to.

I woke up in the backseat of my '67 Galaxie
on a spring morning in '68.
Your bright blue handprint was on my window.

I saw the sunshine crest your figure
as you ran away, laughing
and barefoot.

I didn't spend five and a half months in the French Alps studying botany so that I could let you go.
Track Name: Flitter, Glimmer, Crimson River: Star Valley Rough Run
The stars were out for the first time in weeks.
Creases had grown like fissures across her weary cheeks.
With eyes sunken in like bombers shot down over the sea,
she climbed out of the passenger door with something hidden in her sleeve.

Two eyes no more watchful than any others present
happened to catch a glimpse of her, lingering, hesitant.

The smell of diesel hung heavily in the air.
A man and girl both left the truck, grease matting their hair.
They shared a knowing look before he turned away
to play the dangerous, dangerous game they play.

The woman stood by the corner of the store.
The two eyes across the parking lot eyed the loose shirt that she wore.
She beckoned to the girl, tracing a finger through the atmosphere.
The night stayed dark, unclear.

It was as La Malinche turned over a nation with a word
that a woman took the life of an unsuspecting girl.
Track Name: Caesar's Song
On the day they crowned me king
and gave me everything,
I bid farewell to all my friends.
I'll never see their faces again.

All my nobles and my squires,
all of my cities and my castle's great spires,
all my stables and my smiths,
all I ever wanted, what could I ever want more than this?

A crowd of loving faces
whom the word of my speech embraces.
Deceit rolls off my tongue,
harbinger of all my longings unsung.

All the riots and the doomsday criers,
all of my cities and my castles on fire,
a sky filled with ash and sand,
a war taking over the land.

On the day they crowned me king
and gave me everything,
I bid farewell to all my friends.
I never saw their faces again.