Songs for Dusks and Dawns (Demos)

by the Papersnares

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Mostly raw demo takes for the March 5th, 2017 Papersnares EP Songs for Dusks and Dawns.

"... let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years."

Nine songs for rebirth and the end times, for the omega alongside the alpha. Here I wait, amidst the wisteria soon to decay, and ponder the impermanence of all things which formerly seemed to be permanent.

Collige, virgo, rosas, dum flos novus et nova pubes

Thanks be to the wolves; your blind adoration is my impetus.


released March 5, 2017

All songs written, recorded, everythinged by the Papersnares

Every song done raw, in one* take. No compiled vocals; no effects.

*I added drums and bass to a couple. That was after the take. Oh well.



all rights reserved


the Papersnares

Bringing you quality bedroom jams since freshman year.

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Track Name: Blue Sports Drink
I can somewhat recall
losing my propensity to give a damn at all.
I can somewhat recall
staring down the barrel of the easy way out
on the long fall.

On the long way down,
walking on glass while trying to
stick around;

The Duke of Sodom struck his drum,
let the fire rain down as he watched his people run.
Remember when I mentioned the easy way out?
I stood my ground
and look at me now.
Track Name: Nashville Rough Run
Once the winds had cleared from the valley,
I set my right foot outside,
and you were there, ready for me;
we had a bone to pick, you and I.

And I made a couple mistakes in Nashville.

I waited with my hands in my sweatshirt
for you to speak the first line.
You had a .44 Magnum taped to where you'd been hurt
as a hole tore open the sky,

and I ran so far away from Nashville.
Track Name: Haven Islands Rough Run
They played the music real loudly;
the glitter and the paper lanterns came down around me;
the glow was astounding.

I wandered down the cantering cobbled paths,
past the tea shops and townhomes and public baths,
out to the yew tree in the buckwheat fields.

The Burning of the Bridges Festival carried on without me,
as it ought to do.
The bridges fell down to the clouds below.
The blazing forms fell right through.
Track Name: Heart Song
I was about a two days' drive east,
somewhere between Fort Worth and Oak Creek,
on two thousand milligrams of acetaminophen,
when you called me.

I pictured the whitewater rapids and the skim on Opal Lake,
recalled the water rippling with the swimming of a water snake.
I leaned my head against the headrest and let the phone ring out;
I hadn't yet decided if you were one I'd like to forget about.
Track Name: Wolves Northwest
You were cleaning the dirt out from under your nails
when I burst through the door of our barn.
I had fresh blackberries in my pail,
picked straight from the community farm.

We're gonna feast like ravens,
and worship these lands like pagans!

We cleaned the berries in the creek and ate them by the handful,
nearly ate ourselves sick; concluded we'd had more than we could handle.
We lit the wood in the oven and tossed them in a pan to roast,
and danced around in circles so as to please the smoky ghost.

We're gonna feast like ravens,
and worship these flames like pagans!
Track Name: Mitochondrion
The bucking and churning of the machines inside the factories
billow clouds of navy into the sky.
I pull my cap lower over my head
and watch the convoy roll right by.
The sentries keep their posts up in their watchtowers;
I keep my hands buried in my coat.
We do what we can on diminishing power,
but so diminishes my hope.

The stars give off no starlight,
not any we can reach.
May tonight be my last night,
lest I open my jaws and speak.

Earthquakes and bombings shake the city.
The searchlights flood apartments with fear.
The convoys ready up at the gates, and the riot squads begin to don their gear.
Lifeless forms get shipped off from the slaughterhouse,
I follow the train tracks as I walk.
Shadows cast by vultures slowly vanquished,
I am shrouded by the shadow of a hawk.

The stars give off no starlight,
not any we can reach.
May tonight be my last night,
lest I open my jaws and speak.
Track Name: Distant Maiden Voyage
When I met you at the outskirts of town,
where the paved sidewalks crumble away to fertile ground,
you brought me a grape snowcone with condensed milk,
your hair adorned with flowers, twigs, and things of their ilk.
We sat a quarter mile from the highway
and you strummed your ukulele as we sang along to Green Day.

I watched you tilt back a couple capsules of expired adderall
and we chased crickets down the river to the lazy waterfall.
We made our way down to the pond down below,
crisp and clear with runoff from freshly melted snow.
You gracefully drew your clothes off of your skin
and I crept up behind you and gracefully pushed you in.

We swam about an hour in the creek
and wandered the basin in our bare feet.
I watched as the red sand turned your white tank top tan
and as the night fell down around us, we laid down in the sand.
As fireworks signaled the exodus of ships,
you closed your eyes and placed a kiss upon my lips.
Track Name: Raven's Nest
The first telling signs of winter
showed themselves today.
The trees have all gone dormant;
the birds have all gone away.
The beams that hold my roof up
creak under their weight,
and in the mirror I'm beginning to see
roses in my face.

I'll light a fire for you.

I hung a pot over the flames
and set to making soup,
because the smell of chicken stock
always seems to remind me of you.
I hope you're safe busking in Alabama,
sleeping in my car.
I'll stay waiting with Jane here in Montana,
praying upon the stars.

I'll light the lantern outside for you.
Track Name: Balcony Overlooking Late Night Port City
The blue dwarves in the sky twinkled in the midst of night.
A few sailors were drinking in the harbor.
The summer night's air wafted calmly eastward.
The world felt distant, drifting further.

I gently touched your neck as you looked my in the eye,
the stars kept rolling by.
You've taken me closer than I've ever been before
to the coral on the ocean floor.

With regal posture, you led me to the rooftop,
your royal silhouette giggling by the handrail.
I followed through the dark, sound drowned by the roar of my heart,
standing in the crosshairs of the gale.

I embraced you gently as we closed our eyes,
the stars kept rolling by.
You've taken me closer than I've ever been before
to the abyss beyond the ocean floor.